2010 Hyperlite Murray Lands in at MOWake
2010 Hyperlite Murray Nova with Strata    
So we after a bit of holdup it finally made it to us. This board is unreal looking. First picking it up - the board is feathers. Next you notice that the board looks huge- wide and square-y like something from a top-secret government invention. The dual channels on each end of the board is crazy cool looking and seriously makes a huge difference while edging. The new rounded edges in the center are great updates. The board sits nicely on the water with extremely quick edge changes- fast - and EXPLOSIVE pop. If you were a fan of the last Murray model - this new shape will make you a believer all over again. This is definitely a new ride that rips! A must demo
new grading scale 1-5 (1-low; 5-high)
Rocker - 3-stage (with a slight continuous)
Speed- 5
Landing - 5
Pop - 5
Edge - 5
Weight- 5
Overall - 5 *must demo for 10’
Friday, October 30, 2009
2010 Hyperlite Murray NOVA wtih Team Boots